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Fog properties are hidden when Lighting contains an Atmosphere object.

The Atmosphere object pushes Roblox closer toward realistic environments where sunlight scatters in different ways depending on density and other air particle properties. It simulates real-world "aerial perspective" and lets you control light transmission from the background sky through distant objects. Furthermore, it controls haze and glare conditions, letting you tune a perfect sunset, foggy afternoon, and more.

See also:

  • Atmospheric Effects for property comparisons and example environments.
  • Skybox for how to change the default skybox for games and customize the lighting.
  • Post-Processing Effects for how post-processing effects can quickly improve a game's visuals with a variety of customizable filters.





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A Color3 value which changes the Atmosphere hue for subtle environmental moods. This is best combined with increased Atmosphere.Haze to expand the visible effect.


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Defines the hue of the Atmosphere away from the sun, gradually falling off from Atmosphere.Color towards this value. Must be used with Atmosphere.Haze and Atmosphere.Glare levels higher than 0 to see any effect.


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Defines the amount of particles in the air. The higher the density, the more particles and the more in-game objects/terrain will be obscured by them. Note that density does not directly affect the skybox — it merely affects in-game objects/terrain and visibility of the skybox through them.


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Specifies the glow/glare of the Atmosphere around the sun. More glare results in an increased effect of sunlight cast onto the sky and world. Must be used with a Atmosphere.Haze level higher than 0 to see any effect.


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Defines the haziness of the Atmosphere with a visible effect both above the horizon and into the distance. This can be combined with Atmosphere.Color to create environmental moods, like a grey tint for a polluted alien planet.


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Controls how light transmits between the camera and the sky background. Increase this value to create a horizon silhouette against the sky or reduce it to blend distant objects into the sky for an endless and seamless open world.

Offset should be balanced against Atmosphere.Density and carefully tested in your place. A low offset may cause "ghosting" where the skybox can be seen through objects/terrain. This can be corrected by increasing the offset, which more clearly silhouettes distant objects/terrain against the sky, but too much offset may reveal level-of-detail "popping" for far distant terrain and meshes.