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The ColorCorrectionEffect can be used to adjust several color-related properties at once: Saturation, TintColor, Brightness and Contrast. It's useful for fine-tuning the visual aesthetic of a world or communicating status effects to the player. Multiple ColorCorrectionEffect objects can be applied at once and they will compose their effects together.

Like other post-processing effects, ColorCorrectionEffect will only work while Enabled and when parented to Lighting or Workspace.CurrentCamera. Also, it may render differently depending on your Studio settings (see the Quality Level settings in RenderingPerformance).

For more details on this effect and others, see Post-Processing Effects.



Determines by how much the brightness of pixel colors will be shifted.

Determines the change in separation between the dark and light colors.

Determines the change in intensity of colors.

Determines by how much the RGB channels of pixels are scaled.





Brightness determines by how much the colors of pixels will be shifted. A value of -1 will cause all pixels to be completely black while a value of 1 will cause them to be white.


Contrast determines the separation between the dark and light colors. Values less than 0 have reduced contrast while values greater than 0 have increased contrast.


Saturation determines the change in intensity of pixel colors. Values above 1 will cause colors to be more vivid while values below 0 will make colors more dull, eventually reaching full desaturation at -1.


Determines by what factors the RGB channels of pixel colors are scaled. The effect is multiplicative, so changing this to [255, 0, 0] (red) would cause the green and blue channels to be multiplied by 0.