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LayerCollector is the base class of 2D UI containers which render GuiObject descendants, such as ScreenGui.

Caching static UI for performance improvements

A Gui's appearance is cached until one of the following events occurs:

  • A descendant is added to the Gui.
  • A descendant is removed from the Gui.
  • A property of a descendant of the Gui changes.
  • A property of the Gui changes.

If any of these events occur, the Gui's appearance will be recomputed the next frame it gets rendered.



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Toggles the visibility of the LayerCollector. When false, the UI contents will not render, process user input, or update in response to changes.


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When set to false and this LayerCollector is a direct child of StarterGui, this LayerCollector will only be cloned into each player's PlayerGui once, and the LayerCollector will not be deleted when the player respawns.

When set to true, or if this LayerCollector is an indirect descendant of StarterGui, this LayerCollector will be cloned into each player's PlayerGui when they respawn, and it will delete itself when the player respawns again.


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Controls how GuiObject.ZIndex behaves on all descendants of the LayerCollector.

Enum.ZIndexBehavior.Global sorts all descendants according to the ZIndex, then breaks ties using the hierarchy order. As a result, descendants of a GuiObject need to have a ZIndex value that's at least as high as the parent, or they will render underneath their parent.

With Enum.ZIndexBehavior.Sibling, children always render above their parents, and the ZIndex is used to decide the order in which children of a single UI object will render over each other.