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A RotateV object joins two parts together and allows rotation about a set axis. This object is most commonly created by the Motor Enum.SurfaceType. If created through a script, a RotateV's behavior is still governed by the SurfaceInput of JointInstance.Part0.

The three inputs of note are as follows:

  • NoInput: The joint will not rotate under its own power. It can still be rotated by external forces (such as from a character pushing one of the parts).
  • Constant: The joint will rotate based on the ParamB property of JointInstance.Part0. This rotation is measured in radians per physics frame (which is approximately 1/60th of a second).
  • Sin: The joint will rotate based on the ParamA and ParamB properties of JointInstance.Part0. The rotation measured in radians per physics frame is calculated by the function: RotationRate = ParamA _ sin(distributedGameTime _ ParamB). distributedGameTime is the current time of the game measured in seconds.



Properties inherited from DynamicRotate
  • read parallel

    The base angle of the DynamicRotate object, in radians.

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