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An instance that applies an outline to text or a UI border. Key features include:

  • Adjust the Color and Thickness of the stroke outline.
  • Change the stroke Transparency independently from the text or UI object.
  • Choose the LineJoinMode of the stroke (round, bevel, or miter).
  • Add a gradient to the stroke via the UIGradient instance.
  • Use rich text tags to add stroke to inline text segments.

For more details on the UIStroke object, see Appearance Modifiers.





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When a UIStroke instance is applied to a text object, this property determines whether to apply the stroke to the object's border instead of the text itself.

UIStroke.ApplyStrokeMode of Contextual
UIStroke.ApplyStrokeMode of Border


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Determines the UIStroke stroke color. You can also insert a UIGradient instance as a child to create gradient strokes.

UIStroke.Color of (0, 95, 225)
UIStroke with UIGradient child


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This property determines whether the UIStroke is visible. When set to false, the stroke will not be rendered. Defaults to true.


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This property determines how corners are interpreted. It accepts an Enum.LineJoinMode value of either Round (default), Bevel, or Miter.

UIStroke.LineJoinMode of Round
UIStroke.LineJoinMode of Bevel
UIStroke.LineJoinMode of Miter


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This property determines the stroke's thickness, measured in pixels from the parent's outer edges.

Be mindful of tweening this UIStroke property when applied to text objects. This renders and stores many glyph sizes each frame, potentially causing performance issues or text flickering.

UIStroke.Thickness of 4
UIStroke.Thickness of 12


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The Transparency property sets the stroke opacity independently of the parent object's BackgroundTransparency or TextTransparency. This allows you to render text and borders that are "hollow" (consisting of only an outline).

TextLabel.TextTransparency of 0  ·  UIStroke.Transparency of 0.5
TextLabel.TextTransparency of 1  ·  UIStroke.Transparency of 0