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The FileMesh object applies a textured mesh to a BasePart when parented to it. Its properties are inherited by the SpecialMesh object.

What is a FileMesh?

FileMeshes allow user uploaded meshes to be applied to a BasePart. The mesh that is applied is dependent on the FileMesh.MeshId property. A texture can also be applied to this mesh using FileMesh.TextureId.

Although it is not an abstract class, and can be used by developers, all FileMesh properties are inherited by the SpecialMesh object. A SpecialMesh behaves identically to the FileMesh object when its SpecialMesh.MeshType is set to 'FileMesh'. Although both objects are functional, the SpecialMesh object is the official supported class.

For more information on using meshes, please see the SpecialMesh page.

Code Samples

FileMesh Offset and Scale

1local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")
3local part ="Part")
4part.Size =, 8, 4)
5part.Position =, 4, 0)
6part.Anchored = true
7part.CanCollide = false
9local mesh ="FileMesh") -- advised to use SpecialMesh instead
10mesh.MeshId = "rbxassetid://1086413449"
11mesh.TextureId = "rbxassetid://1461576423"
12mesh.Offset =, 0, 0)
13mesh.Scale =, 4, 4)
14mesh.Parent = part
16local box ="SelectionBox")
17box.Adornee = part
18box.Parent = part
20part.Parent = workspace
22local tween = TweenService:Create(
23 mesh,
24, Enum.EasingStyle.Linear, Enum.EasingDirection.Out, -1, true, 0),
25 { Scale =, 1, 1), Offset =, 3, 0) }



The MeshId is the content ID of the mesh that is to be displayed.

The TextureId is the content ID of the texture that is to be applied to the mesh.





The MeshId is the content ID of the mesh that is to be displayed.

The content ID for a mesh is generated when a developer uploads a mesh to the Roblox website.

How do I create a mesh?

Meshes can currently only be be uploaded using MeshParts or the asset manager. Once uploaded however, the content ID for the mesh can be used for the MeshId property. For more information, see Meshes.


The TextureId is the content ID of the image that is to be applied to used for the meshes texture. When the TextureId property is set to an empty string, no texture will be applied to the mesh.

How can I change the texture of a mesh?

Using the TextureId property, the texture of a mesh can be changed without having to reupload the mesh. To do this, a new image will need to be uploaded to Roblox with the desired texture. The original texture image file can be obtained by exporting the mesh using the 'Export Selection' option in Roblox Studio. The image file will be saved alongside the exported .obj file.

The new texture can then be re-uploaded to Roblox as a Decal and its content ID can be applied to the mesh using the TextureId property.

How can I make a textured mesh?

A mesh can only be textured if the mesh has been UV mapped. UV mapping refers to the practice of projecting a texture map onto a mesh. This cannot be done using Roblox Studio and has to be done using an external 3D modelling application such as Blender.