A skybox is a cube made up of six individual images that create an immersive background in an experience. A skybox appears to be panoramic because the images are made to be perfectly aligned with each other, allowing you to look in all directions without the impression of being inside a cube. This makes experiences feel larger than they really are, and it adds depth to your atmosphere, such as simulating deep space or underwater environments.

Creating a Skybox

If you have created your own skybox images, you must first import them to Roblox before you can use them in a skybox. Each image must be seamless along all edges of neighboring images when "folded" into a cube.

To create a skybox:

  1. In the Explorer window, insert a Sky object into the Lighting object:

    1. Hover over the Lighting object and click the ⊕ button. A contextual menu displays.

    2. From the contextual menu, insert a Sky.

  2. Select the Sky object.

  3. In the Properties window, click on and assign a texture to each of the following sky properties:

    • SkyboxBk - The back square of the skybox.
    • SkyboxDn - The down square of the skybox.
    • SkyboxFt - The front square of the skybox.
    • SkyboxLf - The left square of the skybox.
    • SkyboxRt - The right square of the skybox.
    • SkyboxUp - The up square of the skybox.

Customizing Properties

In addition to setting the skybox images, you can adjust various properties to fine-tune its appearance.

Sun, Moon, and Stars

By default, the Roblox Sky object includes celestial bodies such as a sun, moon, and stars. These bodies dynamically appear, rise, and set based on the TimeOfDay or ClockTime property values.

You can customize celestial bodies through the following properties:

To disable all celestial bodies, you can set the CelestialBodiesShown property to false. Alternatively, you can disable the sun and/or moon by setting SunAngularSize or MoonAngularSize to 0.