Atmospheric Effects

Atmospheric effects simulate realistic environments by scattering sunlight in unique ways based on properties that control air particles. Using the Atmosphere object in the Lighting service, you can:


Every atmospheric effect property works together to support the overall vision, themes, and mood of your experience.


The Density property controls how many particles exist in the air of your experience; the higher the density, the more particles, which obstruct a player's view of objects and terrain. This is useful in creating a depth of field.

Density = 0
Density = 0.35

Density only directly affects objects and terrain; however, since you view a skybox through those objects and terrain, the visibility of a skybox is also affected.


The Offset property controls how light transmits between the camera and the sky background. When you increase this value, it creates a horizon silhouette; when you decrease this value, it blends distant objects into the sky for a seemingly endless and seamless open world.

Offset = 0
Offset = 1


The Haze property controls the haziness of the atmosphere to create a visible effect both above the horizon and far into the distance from the camera.

To create environmental moods, like a smoky tint for a polluted alien planet or a foggy blue tint for a somber experience, combine this property with the Color property.

Haze = 1
Haze = 2.8


The Color property sets the hue of the atmosphere for subtle environmental moods and themes.

To expand this property's visible effect, combine it with a high Haze property value.

Color = [255, 255, 255]
Color = [255, 200, 255]


The Glare property sets an atmospheric glare around the sun. A high value results in an increased effect of sunlight cast onto the sky and experience.

To see this property's visible effect, you must combine a glare with a Haze value higher than 0.

Glare = 0
Glare = 1


The Decay property sets the hue of the atmosphere away from the sun, gradually falling off from Color toward this value.

To see this property's visible effect, you must combine a glare with a Haze and Glare value higher than 0.

Decay = [255, 255, 255]
Decay = [255, 90, 80]