Post-Processing Effects

Post-processing effects are customizable filters that allow you to quickly enrich the visuals of your experience. Using the post-processing effect objects in the Lighting service or Camera, you can:

  • Simulate a camera viewing a bright light and exaggerate its glow (bloom).
  • Apply a Gaussian blur to the entirety of your experience, or add a blur to parts of your experience that aren't in focus (depth of field).
  • Enhance an environment's appearance to create a specific mood through hue (color correction).
  • Render a halo of light that moves with the sun (sun rays).

Adding Post-Processing Effects

When you add post-processing effects to the Lighting service, they display to a whole server. This is useful for effects that affect the entire environment, such as sun rays.

When you add them to the Camera, they just display to an individual player. This is useful for effects that should only pertain to a single player based on their actions, such as player feedback.

To add post-processing effects to either the Lighting service or Camera:

  1. Navigate to the Explorer window.

  2. Hover over the Lighting service or Camera, then click the ⊕ button. A contextual menu displays.

  3. From the menu, insert one of the following post-processing effects:

  4. Depending on your Studio settings, some effects may not appear. To increase your quality level:

    1. In the menu bar, navigate to File. A pop-up window displays.
    2. Select Studio Settings. The Roblox Studio pop-up window displays.
    3. In the vertical navigation, select Rendering, then the Editor Quality Level dropdown menu.
    4. Set it to the highest level.


The BloomEffect object exaggerates any lights within your experience by simulating a camera viewing a bright light. When this effect has a high value, any parts with light colors glow.

With Bloom
Without Bloom


The BlurEffect object applies a gaussian blur to the entirety of your experience.

You can use this effect to blur your experience when a player has a menu open, allowing them to focus on the most important details.

With Blur
Without Blur

Color Correction

The ColorCorrectionEffect object adjusts color properties to enhance an environment's appearance. You can also use this effect to provide player feedback.

The following list describes all the color correction properties:

  • Brightness – Sets the brightness of pixels.
  • Contrast – Sets the change in separation between dark and light colors.
  • Enabled – Toggles whether or not color correction occurs.
  • Saturation – Sets the intensity of colors.
  • TintColor – Determines how much the RGB channels of pixels scale.
With Color Correction
Without Color Correction

Depth of Field

The DepthOfFieldEffect object blurs parts of your experience that aren't in focus. You can use this effect to blur distant objects or to focus a player on specific parts of your experience, such as an item in a shop.

With Depth of Field
Without Depth of Field

Sun Rays

The SunRaysEffect object creates a halo of light with rays around the sun that move based on the ClockTime or TimeOfDay property. Objects between the player's camera and the sun shape this effect, allowing for realistic visuals of light and shadow.