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Note: For handles to be interactive, they must be parented to a player's PlayerGui or the CoreGui. HandleAdornment is an abstract class inherited by 3D handle adornments.



Properties inherited from PVAdornmentProperties inherited from GuiBase3d
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    Sets the color of a GUI object.

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    Sets the transparency of a GUI object, where 1 is invisible and 0 is completely visible.

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    Determines whether the object and its descendants will be displayed.




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Forces this object to render on top of all 3d objects in the Workspace. Even if the adornment is behind a part based on its HandleAdornment.CFrame, if AlwaysOnTop is true then the adornment will still draw on top. The one exception to this behavior is if the HandleAdornment.ZIndex of the adornment is set to -1. If this is the case, the adornment will always draw behind 3d geometry.


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The position and rotation relative to its PVAdornment.Adornee. This CFrame is in the local space of the adornee, so forward (0,0,-1) will be forward relative to the adornee. The offset and rotation of this CFrame is applied after any translations due to HandleAdornment.SizeRelativeOffset.


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The positional offset of the adornment based on the adornee's BasePart.Size. By default, an adornment draws in the center of its adornee. By using this property, the position of the adornment can be shifted relative to the center of the adornee. The units of SizeRelativeOffset are a scale based on the size of the adornee itself. This scale is such that a value of 1 will move the adornment to the corresponding edge of the adornee. This property is intended to allow adornments to easily be moved to the edges of a parts.

For example, if the SizeRelativeOffset is set to (0,1,0), the adornment will be drawn with its center at the exact top of the adornee. If set to (1,1,1), the adornment will be drawn in the upper corner of the adornee.


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The ZIndex property determines the draw order of the HandleAdornment. This ZIndex only refers to how the adornment will draw relative to other adornments or 3d objects in the workspace. This does not relate to the GuiObject.ZIndex of GuiObjects.

The valid values for ZIndex are from -1 to 10. If two HandleAdornments are drawn over one another, the one with the higher ZIndex will be drawn. This order of drawing will be respected even if the adornment with higher ZIndex is behind the other adornment in terms of its position in 3d space. If set to -1, ZIndex will force the adornment to draw behind other adornments and objects in the Workspace, even if the HandleAdornment.AlwaysOnTop property for the adornment is true.




Fires when a user presses down on their left mouse button while hovering over the adornment.


Fires when a user releases their left mouse button while hovering over the adornment.


Fires when a user moves their mouse over the adornment.


Fires when a user moves their mouse out of the adornment.