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A PluginToolbar is an object created by using the Plugin:CreateToolbar() method. It is used to create PluginToolbarButtons using the CreateButton function. In general, it is good practice for a plugin to use one and only one uniquely named toolbar for all of its buttons. In Studio, toolbars are rendered under the Plugins tab.

The following code sample creates a basic toolbar with one button. It should be run as a Studio plugin, not as a Script.

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("Three Wise Monkeys")
local button = toolbar:CreateButton("Mizaru", "See No Evil", "rbxassetid://2778270261")





Plugin Security

Creates a PluginToolbarButton that allows the user to initiate a single, one-off action in Studio through its Click event.


buttonId: string

A unique button ID.

tooltip: string

The text displayed in the tooltip shown when a user hovers over the button.

iconname: string

The asset ID (e.g. rbxassetid://1507949215) of the icon displayed in the button.

text: string

Text displayed under the button icon. Optional. If this field is not provided, the ID will be used instead.

Default Value: ""


Code Samples

Adding a Plugin Toolbar Button

local ServerScriptService = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")
local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("Empty Script Adder")
local newScriptButton = toolbar:CreateButton("Add Script", "Create an empty Script", "rbxassetid://1507949215")
local function onNewScriptButtonClicked()
local newScript ="Script")
newScript.Source = ""
newScript.Parent = ServerScriptService