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The NoCollisionConstraint prevents collisions between two specific parts, but those parts may still register collisions with the rest of the world. Compared to collision groups, it provides a direct way to disable specific collisions, such as the wheel of a car scraping against the car's body.

The most common way to create this constraint is by selecting No Collision through Studio's Create menu in the Model tab.

Constraint picker indicated in Studio toolbar

Unlike most constraints, NoCollisionConstraint does not utilize any Attachments. Note that the tool acts differently based on how many parts are selected when the tool is activated:

OptionTool Behavior
No parts selectedThe next two parts that are clicked will be linked together. If the same part is clicked twice, no link will be created.
One part selectedThe next part that is clicked will be linked to the selected part.
Two parts selectedBoth selected parts will be linked together.





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This property determines whether the two linked parts, Part0 and Part1, will collide with each other.

read parallel

The second BasePart that the constraint connects.

read parallel

The first BasePart that the constraint connects.