Platform Overview

Learn about the unique value propositions on Roblox

Our vision is to reimagine how people come together. Whether you're an individual creator, a professional development studio, or something in between, we're committed to supporting and growing our community so we can make Roblox better and enable the creation of anything, anywhere, by anyone.

Our platform provides you with unparalleled opportunities to create content from simple UGC items to the immersive experiences. Building successful experiences takes time and effort. But Roblox offers creators everything you need to create, scale and monetize.


Roblox offers you the ability to create anything you can imagine. With a comprehensive set of free powerful 3D collaborative creation tools, Roblox Studio is an advanced development environment to help you start creating immediately. Studio's functionality ranges from an advanced physics engine and robust data storage, to Gen AI technology and APIs that automate workflows, to third-party professional integrations, such as Blender, and much more.

With Roblox, you can deploy globally in seconds across major platforms — from mobile to console to desktop to VR — and in multiple languages. We also simplify creation by providing hosting and an infrastructure that powers automatic, synchronous real-time gameplay as well as covering storage, localization, and payment processing.


On Roblox, you can reach a massive, global audience of 71.5M daily active users (DAUs) across 190 countries who spend an average of 2.4 hours on the platform everyday. Not only that, 58% of our DAUs are over the age of 13 years old and it's our fastest growing segment with +28% growth year over year. (Data as of Q4 '23). Additionally, our automatic chat translations allow users worldwide to easily communicate with each other across 16 languages.

Our efficient discovery capabilities offer a massive opportunity to find the right audience and acquire new users.

We also provide a robust analytics suite of tools to measure and gain insights on your experience's performance. This allows you to adjust content strategies and rapidly iterate to get your desired outcome.


Creators of all sizes, from an individual to small developer teams to large developer studios, are finding success. In 2023, our creators earned $741 million*, up 19% year-over-year.

We want to help creators monetize and find success on Roblox, and we're constantly developing new ways for our community to earn. We empower creators with a wide array of ways to earn money on Roblox that includes in-experience purchases, ads as well as selling avatar items or creator plugins. See Earning on Roblox to learn more about how to make money on Roblox. And, with efforts like the Creator Fund, we seek to fund and support the next generation of experiences.

* ~24k creators earned more than 185K Robux (~$650 at the DevEx rate) on Roblox in the last twelve months, which represents ~1/1000 of the 25 million creators monetizing on Roblox (as of Dec 31, 2023)