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The LineForce constraint applies a force along the theoretical line connecting its two Attachments. As the end points (attachments) move, the direction of force will change accordingly.

When configuring this constraint, it may be helpful to study Roblox Units to understand how Roblox units compare to metric units.

Force Location

By default, force is applied to either parent at its attachment location. If desired, force can be focused at each parent's center of mass by enabling ApplyAtCenterOfMass.

Inverse Square Law

When InverseSquareLaw is true, the force magnitude is multiplied by the inverse square of the distance, meaning the force will increase exponentially as the two attachments get closer together, like magnets. When using this setting, it's recommended that you set a MaxForce threshold to prevent infinite force if the attachments align precisely.

Reactionary Force

By default, the constraint only applies force to Attachment0, while Attachment1 remains unaffected. However, force can be applied to both attachments in equal and opposite directions by enabling ReactionForceEnabled.



Properties inherited from Constraint



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When true, force is applied at the center of mass of the parent assembly of Attachment0, and the line determining the direction of the force will start at the said center of mass. When false, force is applied at Attachment0 and the line determining the direction will also start at Attachment0.


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When true, the force magnitude is multiplied by the inverse square of the distance.


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The magnitude of the force.


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The maximum absolute force that can be applied. This property is enabled only when InverseSquareLaw is also enabled. This property is mainly used to address the issue that the force of the body mover becomes infinite the closer the two attachments are, causing explosions that can't be prevented by scripts. This property bounds the force's absolute value.


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Enables a reaction force (equal an opposite) to be applied to the parent of Attachment1. By default line force only applies a force on the parent of Attachment0 and uses Attachment1 as the target direction without any dynamic relationship.