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A Script is a Lua code container that can access server-side objects, properties, and events, such as to award badges to players using BadgeService, while LocalScripts on the client cannot.

The instant that the following conditions are met, a script's code is run in a new thread:

The script will continue to run until the above conditions are not met, it terminates, or it raises an error (unless that error is raised by a function connected to some event that is firing). Additionally, the thread will be stopped if the script or one of its ancestors is destroyed. A script will continue to run even if the Parent property is set to nil and the Script is not destroyed.



Properties inherited from BaseScript



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Plugin Security

Represents the code to be executed. It's protected and discouraged for editing directly. Attempting to access this property in a Script or LocalScript causes errors.

If you want to read or modify the source of a script that a user has open, use ScriptEditorService to interact with the Script Editor rather than directly modifying this property. Both ScriptEditorService:UpdateSourceAsync() and ScriptEditorService:GetEditorSource() can read or modify script content from the script editor if the script is opened. You can also read the source from the command line.