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The Configuration object is a container object that is designed to hold value objects to make values used in Tools or any model using Scripts more accessible.

How does the Configuration object work?

The Configuration object is just a container, and does not automatically offer any additional functionality to a Folder.

Configurations should hold value objects (BrickColorValue, NumberValue, IntValue, ObjectValue etc). These value objects should be read by the Script or LocalScript associated with the configuration to determine constants such as damage, speed or color.

For example,

local damage = 10


local configuration = tool:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Configuration", true)
damage = configuration:FindFirstChild("Damage").Value -- A NumberValue

The Configuration object is intended to be placed inside a BasePart in a Model or Tool. It was originally intended to be used with a tool that provided a GUI interface to edit these properties. However it is more common now for developers to edit these values directly in the Roblox Studio properties window.

Why should I use the Configuration object?

Use of Configurations is optional, but a number of developers chose to use them for the following reasons.

  • Variables held in a Configuration can be found quickly and are in a single place
  • When sharing your work, others can make changes without needing to modify your code
  • Provides a single location for variables read by multiple scripts in more complex games