A WeldConstraint connects two BaseParts and ensures they stay in the same relative position and orientation to each other. Even if the two parts are not touching, you can weld them together.

The fastest way to create a WeldConstraint is by selecting Weld through Studio's Create menu in the Model tab.

Constraint picker indicated in Studio toolbar

Note that this tool behaves differently depending on how many BaseParts are selected when the tool is activated:

Repositioning Behavior

Roblox handles moving a welded part differently depending on whether the part was moved through its Position or through its CFrame.

  • If a welded part's Position is updated, that part will move but none of the connected parts will move with it. The weld will recalculate the offset from the other parts based on the moved part's new position.

  • If a welded part's CFrame is updated, that part will move and all of the connected parts will also move, ensuring they maintain the same offset as when the weld was created.