Input and Camera

Every experience needs to receive user input in some way to allow users to interact and view their environment. Roblox supports nearly all forms of input, including mouse and keyboard, touch, and gamepad controls.

Inputs also include user camera controls, and you can customize various camera settings using built-in settings or custom scripts to achieve a certain look and feel for your users.

Mouse and Keyboard

The most common mouse and keyboard inputs are already set in an experience as Roblox default keybinds. You can set up additional inputs or replace existing inputs to customize how users can interact within your experience.

Once you're comfortable with testing and developing your inputs on mouse and keyboard, make your experience compatible with multiple platforms by setting up mobile and gamepad inputs.

See Mouse and Keyboard Input for more information on setting up your first custom inputs.


Over half of all Roblox sessions are played on mobile devices. To ensure your experience is accessible to the widest audience, it is important to design cross-platform accessibility when developing your experience.

You can bind a single action to a traditional PC input and create an on-screen button for touchscreen devices. You can also dynamically update input behavior so that inputs trigger certain actions only in certain contexts.

See Mobile Input for more information on creating setting up cross-platform and dynamic inputs.


Roblox accepts input from USB gamepads such as Xbox and Playstation controllers. Gamepads require additional steps to detect and verify connected gamepads before binding controller inputs to actions.

See Gamepad Input for more information on setting up gamepad inputs for your experience.

Customizing the Camera

Roblox experiences include a default user-friendly camera configuration. You can edit the camera settings to create a more immersive and unique experience for your users.

See Customizing the Camera for more information on customizing the properties of your camera system.