Roblox Avatars

Every Roblox user is represented by a customizable character called an avatar. Avatars are character models with many specialized features that allow users to interact with experiences and customize themselves with a wide range of clothing and accessories from the Marketplace.

Whether you're creating and selling a basic accessory, clothes, or an avatar character body, your general workflow involves the following:

Modeling is performed with third party software, importing and uploading performed with Studio, and publishing and Marketplace management performed with Creator Hub
  1. Modeling and Creation — Create the asset in a third-party software such as Blender or Maya.

  2. Importing and Uploading — Add your creation to the Roblox servers through Studio.

    • Initial validation and moderation occurs during this stage. See each item category section for individual instructions.
  3. Publishing and Selling — Manage your asset on your Creator Dashboard where you can set your item price and other Marketplace configurations before you enable the item for sale.


Create avatar items for Roblox, ranging from clothing, accessories, bodies, and heads. Learn about the various components that power the feature-rich technology unique to Roblox avatars and cosmetics.

rigid accessory thumbnail example
Rigid accessories

Understand the various components that make up rigid accessories, the most basic form of 3D avatar cosmetics.

clothing thumbnail example
Layered clothing

Understand the advanced components of layered clothing, accessories that stretch and fit over a target.

bodies thumbnail example

Learn the various components that make up the unique Roblox avatar, including using mesh geometry, rigs, facial animation, and other important components.

tutorial thumbnail example

Follow step-by-step guides to create accessories, clothing, and characters to start creating your own unique 3D avatar asset.


After creating your items, you can begin the process of selling your assets on the Marketplace. Learn more about the policies, processes, and payment structures that enable you to manage and sell your creations safely and efficiently.

Marketplace Policy

Learn about the user requirements for selling, as well as the technical and community-related specifications required for the Marketplace.

Intellectual Property

Understand how IP works on the Roblox ecosystem to protect yourself and the community.

Publishing Steps

Upload your catalog-ready asset to the Marketplace and set the item on sale using various creator controls.

Fees and Commissions

Understand how fees, payments, commissions, and other monetary and purchasing details work for your various asset types.

Resources and Tools

Roblox provides additional resources and tools to enable creation. Check out the various Studio and third-party tools designed to expedite and ease the process of creation.

Downloadable Resources

View various downloadable resources ranging from sample model files, template files, project boilerplates, and more.

Studio Tools

Studio provides several tools designed to make the creation process more straight forward and efficient.

Third-Party Add-ons

Third-party add-ons and tools are available to help expedite the creation process in your third-party applications.