A HingeConstraint allows its two attachments to rotate about one axis, forcing them into the same position and X axis alignment. This constraint can also be powered to behave like a motor or servo, and you can set limits to restrict the hinge's rotational range.

Angular Power

If a hinge's ActuatorType is set to Motor, it attempts to rotate the attachments with the goal of reaching its AngularVelocity. You can further control this rotation through both MotorMaxAcceleration and MotorMaxTorque.

If a hinge's ActuatorType is set to Servo, it attempts to rotate to an angle specified by TargetAngle. This rotation is controlled by both AngularSpeed and ServoMaxTorque.

ActuatorType = Motor
ActuatorType = Servo


You can set limits to restrict the rotation of a hinge, useful for mechanisms like doors which should only swing open or closed within a set range. Enabling the LimitsEnabled property exposes the LowerAngle and UpperAngle limits, as well as Restitution which defines the elasticity of the attachments when they reach either limit.