The CameraMode enum is used to set Player.CameraMode to determine when first person and third person cameras should be used.

Third Person

In the default third person mode (Classic), the character can be seen in the camera. While in this mode, the default behavior is:

  • Players can right-click and drag (mouse), tap and drag (mobile), use the secondary thumbstick (gamepad), or press the left/right arrows (keyboard) to rotate the camera around their character.
  • When a player moves their character, it faces in the corresponding movement direction.
  • Players can zoom in and out freely, even to first person on full zoom in.

First Person

In first person mode (LockFirstPerson), the player's camera is zoomed all the way in. Unless there is a visible GUI present with the GuiButton.Modal property set to true, moving the mouse, tap-dragging on mobile, or using the secondary thumbstick on a gamepad will rotate the camera around the character.