Template Files

Each template comes pre-baked with the necessary components of an avatar character to save you time and effort in creating a custom avatar character. When creating characters from scratch, these individual components typically take a lot of time and a deep technical background in your modeling application. Templates allow you to skip several steps and work from a variety of base character shapes.

Template PrototypeSample Customizations

Muzzle Head Template

Round Head Template

You can choose from a variety of templates that best match your final design and save time on creating the technical components. The examples in the template tutorials utilize the Round Blender template. Experiment with other templates to create your own unique character and final result.

Each .zip contains a .blend, .fbx, and PBR texture .png files for that template model. If using Blender or following the template creation guides, use the .blend project.


After downloading your template file, review the unique head object structure and additional Blender settings that require adjustment before exporting. It's crucial to understand these concepts prior to committing to any alterations as these can conflict with Roblox's avatar requirements if not addressed.