Modeling Tips

There are many tips and tricks during the modeling process that can save you time and prevent major issues in your workflow. There are many resources online that can help you make your modeling process more efficient. The following are various beginner-friendly tips and settings in Blender that allow you to visualize and configure objects efficiently in your project.

Hiding Inactive Objects

In your Outliner, hide objects you aren't editing by enabling the Hide In Viewport icon . This cleans up your workspace and helps ensure you don't make unintentional changes to another object or collection.

You can quickly bulk hide and unhide any parent and child objects that are not disabled. To bulk hide objects:

  1. In the Outliner, navigate to a parent object, such as Cage or Joints.
  2. Hold Shift and click the Hide In Viewport icon to toggle the object's visibility.

Enable Wireframe View

Whenever you use a modeling application, switch between different viewport options, like X-Ray and Wireframe, to gain a better perspective on your vertices and shapes. This tutorial uses a wireframe view over the mesh shape, and many examples use various material settings and viewport options.

Enable wireframes on your material view by setting the following:

  1. Select the Head_Geo.
  2. In the side Properties panel, navigate to Object Properties .
  3. In Viewport Display, enable Wireframe.