Template Head Structure

In each template file, each avatar body includes extra head mesh objects and face armature bones. Separating these objects within the templates allow you to make easier changes to each of these separate objects, as demonstrated during the texturing step.

To avoid validation errors, you must join and remove these extra objects during the cleanup process prior to exporting.

The extra head mesh objects are the following:

  • Head_Geo
  • UpperTeeth_Geo
  • LowerTeeth_Geo
  • Tongue_Geo
  • RightLash_Geo
  • RightEye_Geo
  • LeftLash_Geo
  • LeftEye_Geo
Head-Related Meshes
Extra head-related meshes in Blender's Outliner

The extra head bone children are the following and may differ between templates:

  • Tongue
  • LowerTeeth
  • UpperTeeth
  • LeftEye
  • RightEye
Head-Related Meshes
Extra head-related bones in Blender's Outliner

While these extra objects exist to aid the creation and modification process, leaving them in your project on final export will cause validation issues when uploading these assets to the Marketplace.