Exporting Character Model

Whether you are exporting your character for testing, or are performing a final export out of Blender, you must apply the appropriate export settings to ensure that Blender exports the proper character data.

To export your character:

  1. In the topbar, click File > Export > FBX (.fbx). The Blender file browser window displays.
  2. Set Path Mode to Copy and enable the Embed Textures icon.
  3. In the Include section, enable Custom Properties.
  4. Expand the Armature section and uncheck Add Leaf Bones.
  5. Enable Bake Animation.
  6. Expand Bake Animation and uncheck NLA Strips, All Actions, and Force Start/End Keyframes.
  7. In Bake Animation, set Simplify to 0.0.
  8. Click the Export FBX button. Save the .fbx to the directory of your choice.