Learn how to create Roblox experiences with a full suite of structured learning that walks you through how to build, script, and polish your experiences with amazing art and visuals.

If you've never used Roblox Studio or coded before, start here before following any of the curriculum paths.


Start here for a comprehensive introduction to creating in Studio! It covers everything you need to know about creating a simple, but polished experience from scratch.

Create the basic structure of the world with in-Studio assets.
Create the gameplay for the experience using Luau scripts.
Add lighting, visual effects, and high-quality 3D assets.

Environmental Art

Learn the foundational skills you need to become an environmental artist.

Create a plan for your environment and necessary assets.
Assemble and apply your asset library to the 3D space to bring your world to life.
Configure your assets and Studio settings to keep your frame rate and performance levels high.

Gameplay Scripting - Part 1

Learn the programming skills you need to introduce gameplay to the laser tag environment.

Spawn players into the environment, and respawn them once their health reaches zero.
Create a blast mechanic that is both accurate in the 3D space and satisfying to players.
Implement laser detecting behavior that handles blast direction, verifies collision, and reduces player health.