Rig Builder

The Rig Builder tool allows you to quickly insert basic pre-built character rigs into your experience for use in animation, clothing testing, and other applications. You can also insert a rig of your account's avatar character, including character customizations and accessories. The rig builder generates character Models with the appropriate joints and humanoid structure to support animation, accessories, and character customizations.

The Rig Builder tool uses a default set of supported character rigs and allows you to add your own account avatar into the experience. For information on creating your own custom character rig in an external modeling application, see Rigging.

Rig Type

There are two types of default rigs you can insert into your experience with the Rig Builder. A R6 rig is a model made up of 6 mesh objects while a R15 rig is a model with 15 mesh objects, significantly expanding the R6's limited motion range. When creating rigs for use in your experience, use a rig type that is consistent with the rig types you intend to support in your experience.

The following table lists the specific meshes that make up the body parts associated with each rig type:

Inserting a Pre-Built Rig

You can insert all pre-built rig types directly from the Rig Builder into your viewport.

To insert a pre-built rig:

  1. In the menu bar, navigate to the Avatar tab.

  2. In the Rig Builder section, click on Rig Builder. The Rig Builder window displays.

  3. Select from the available options. The rig displays both in the viewport and in the Explorer window under the same name as the rig-type selected Rig.