Material Generator

The Material Generator is designed to create material variants from text entries. Using it, you can type any phrase and hit Generate to see results within a few seconds. Once you find a satisfying result, you can instantly save it as a new custom material.

Generating Materials

If you've enabled the Material Picker beta, click Generate from the picker's window. If you have not enabled the beta, click the Material Generator button to the left of the Color button in the Home tab.

Studio's Model tab with the Material Generator button highlighted.

With the tool's window open:

  1. In the text box at the top of the window, enter keywords and then click the Generate button. See Best Practices for guidelines.

    As follows are some example keyword combos and the approximate results. Note that every click of Generate yields different results, even with the exact same keywords.

    "Stained Glass"

  2. Click a generated image tile to view more options, as well as apply the material in "preview" mode to all selected parts.

  3. Adjust the Studs Per Tile slider to interactively preview how the material's texture will appear on the selected parts. Additionally, test out the Organic toggle which makes materials appear less "repetitive" by randomizing the output.

    Adjustment of Studs Per Tile value and Organic toggle
  4. When ready, choose a Base Material to apply that material's default physical properties to your custom material. Then click the Save & Apply Variant button to save the custom material to the Material Manager.

Best Practices

Generating satisfying materials can be an iterative process requiring a longer list of descriptors to help focus in on the material you want. Here are some tips:

  • For close-up patterns, try using terms like "close up," "top down," and "texture."
  • For simpler repeating patterns, try using terms like "simple," "pattern," "symmetrical," and "flat."
  • For more control, add stylistic terms like "photorealistic," "cartoon," or "hand-drawn."
  • For the ability to change colors, try including terms like "grayscale" which will allow you to tint the material afterwards.