Plugins Tab

The Plugins tab contains tools for managing plugins, configuring localization, and discovering audio used throughout a place. Any installed plugins may also add buttons to this tab.

Plugins tab indicated in Studio toolbar

Studio Plugins

The Manage Plugins button lets you enable/disable, update, or uninstall plugins you've installed from the Creator Store, while the Plugins Folder button opens the local system folder containing plugins you've created or manually installed.

Plugin management buttons indicated in Plugins tab


The localization Tools window lets you playtest in various languages, download CSV localization tables, and upload modified CSV tables. For more information, see Localization.

Localization tools button indicated in Plugins tab

View Sounds

The View Sounds plugin lets you discover audio used throughout the place and replace audio assets that you do not have permission to use. See Audio Asset Privacy System for details.

View Sounds button indicated in Plugins tab