Studio Shortcuts

Studio has many default shortcuts and key commands that make development quicker and easier. All of the shortcuts can be customized, and many actions without defaults can be bound to whatever you want through FileAdvancedCustomize Shortcuts.

Files and Publishing

Ctrl/ + NNewCreate a new place.
Ctrl/ + OOpen from File...Open an existing local file.
Shift + Ctrl/ + OOpen from Roblox...Open a recent experience from Roblox.
Ctrl/ + SSaveSave the active place to the location currently open in Studio.
Shift + Ctrl/ + SSave to File As...Save the active local file with a new name.
Alt/ + PPublish to RobloxPublish the active place to Roblox.
Alt/ + Shift + PPublish to Roblox As...Publish the active place to Roblox as new version.
Ctrl/ + F4Close PlaceClose the open place.
Ctrl/ + WClose TabClose the active tab.
Shift + Ctrl/ + TOpen Previous TabOpen the previous tab.
Ctrl/ + QExitQuit the application (Studio prompts to save documents).

Camera Controls

FZoom ToFocus the camera on the selected part/model.
Ctrl/ + =
Zoom InZoom the camera in.
Ctrl/ + -
Zoom OutZoom the camera out.
,Pan LeftRotate the camera left. If a part/model is in focus, rotate counterclockwise around it.
.Pan RightRotate the camera right. If a part/model is in focus, rotate clockwise around it.
Page UpTilt DownTilt the camera down. If a part/model is in focus, tilt camera down about it.
Page DownTilt UpTilt the camera up. If a part/model is in focus, tilt camera up about it.

Selecting and Editing


Ctrl/ + DDuplicateDuplicate the current selections at the same level in the hierarchy.
Ctrl/ + CCopyCopy the current selections to the clipboard.
Ctrl/ + V
+ Y
PasteInsert the clipboard contents.
Shift + Ctrl/ + VPaste IntoPaste the objects currently on the clipboard as children of the selected object.
Ctrl/ + X
+ K
CutCut the current selections and put on the clipboard.
+ D
DeleteDelete the selections.
Ctrl/ + ASelect AllSelect all objects in the workspace or all lines in a script.
EscClear SelectionClear the current selection.
Ctrl/ + GGroupGroup the selected objects into a new Model.
Ctrl/ + UUngroupUngroup the selected Model into individual objects.
Ctrl/ + ZUndoUndo the last action.
Shift + Ctrl/ + ZRedoRedo the previously undone action.

3D Objects

Ctrl/ + 1SelectActivate the Select tool to select parts/models.
Ctrl/ + 2MoveActivate the Move tool to move parts/models along an axis.
Ctrl/ + 3ScaleActivate the Scale tool to resize parts/models.
Ctrl/ + 4RotateActivate the Rotate tool to rotate parts/models.
Ctrl/ + 5TransformActivate the Transform tool to precisely manipulate a part/model.
Alt/ + AAnchorAnchor or un-anchor the selected parts/models.
Shift + 2Jump to Move IncrementJump to the Move increment input field in the Model tab.
Shift + 4
Alt/ + R
Jump to Rotate IncrementJump to the Rotate increment input field in the Model tab.
Ctrl/ + LToggle Local SpaceToggle the Move and Rotate tools between local and world coordinates.
Ctrl/ + TTiltRotate selections 90° about their X axis.
Ctrl/ + RRotateRotate selections 90° about their Y axis.
Alt/ + LLock ToolActivate the Lock tool to lock/unlock objects.
Shift + Ctrl/ + GUnionJoin two or more parts together to form a single solid union; see Solid Modeling for details.
Shift + Ctrl/ + IIntersectIntersect overlapping parts into a single solid intersection; see Solid Modeling for details.
Shift + Ctrl/ + NNegateNegate parts, useful for making holes and indentations; see Solid Modeling for details.
Shift + Ctrl/ + USeparateSeparate the union or intersection back into its individual parts; see Solid Modeling for details.


Alt/ + DConstraint DetailsVisualize Constraint objects in the 3D space.
Alt/ + TDraw on TopVisualize Constraint objects on top of other objects in the 3D space.
Alt/ + WShow WeldsVisualize WeldConstraint objects in the 3D space.

Interface Controls

Alt/ + GShow GridShow or hide the 3D grid on the Y plane.
Alt/ + XExplorerShow or hide the Explorer window.
Shift + Ctrl/ + XExplorer FilterJump to the Explorer window filter input field.
Shift + Ctrl/ + PProperties FilterJump to the Properties window filter input field.
Ctrl/ + IInsert ObjectOpen the Insert Object popup for quick insertion of objects. Once open, the popup can be closed with Esc.
Ctrl/ + PQuick OpenShow the Quick Open window to quickly find any instance in the hierarchy.
Alt/ + Ctrl/ + PQuick Open ActionsShow the Quick Open Actions window to quickly find any Studio action.
Alt/ + SStudio SettingsOpen the Studio settings window.
Alt/ + F11
Full ScreenToggle between full screen and windowed view.
F12Video RecordRecord a video; not functional on macOS.
Ctrl/ + 9Focus on Command BarSet keyboard focus to the Command Bar used to execute Luau code outside of scripts.

Testing and Diagnostics

Start simulating the experience in Studio. Press again to pause a running simulation or resume a paused simulation.
Shift + F5StopStop the current simulation.
F8RunStart simulating the experience without your avatar from the current camera position.
F7StartSimulate the Roblox environment by starting multiple new sessions of Studio.
Shift + Ctrl/ + LSave and Reload Plugins in DebuggerSave all plugins in debugger back to disk, stop execution of those plugins, and reload them from disk.
Shift + Ctrl/ + F1StatsShow detailed experience stats.
Shift + Ctrl/ + F2RenderShow detailed graphics and performance data.
Shift + Ctrl/ + F3NetworkShow detailed network stats.
Shift + Ctrl/ + F4PhysicsShow detailed physics data.
Shift + Ctrl/ + F5SummaryShow a summary of stats data.

Script Editor

Ctrl/ + ]
IndentIndent the selected line(s).
Shift + Tab
Ctrl/ + [
UnindentUnindent the selected line(s).
Ctrl/ + FFindFind a specified string within the script being viewed.
F3Find NextFind next instance of the specified string within the script being viewed.
Shift + F3Find PreviousFind previous instance of the specified string within the script being viewed.
Shift + Ctrl/ + FFind AllFind a specified string within all scripts in the currently open place.
Alt/ + Ctrl/ + FReplaceFind a specified string in the script being viewed and optionally replace it with a replacement string.
Alt/ + FOpen Script Function FilterFind a specific function within the script being viewed.
Alt/ + Ctrl/ + KShow in ExplorerSelect the script being viewed within the Explorer window.
Ctrl/ + DSelect WordSelect the word under the current cursor position.
Ctrl/ + F3Find Current WordFind the word under the current cursor position or the currently selected string, seeking forwards.
Shift + Ctrl/ + F3Find Current Word BackwardsFind the word under the current cursor position or the currently selected string, seeking backwards.
Shift + Ctrl/ + DDuplicate SelectionDuplicate the current line or selection.
Ctrl/ + GGo to LineMove the cursor to the specified line number in the script being viewed.
Ctrl/ + F12Go to DeclarationGo to the declaration of the selected variable.
Ctrl/ + .Invoke AutocompleteInvoke the autocomplete tooltip.
Alt/ + Invoke AI-assisted ScriptingAttempt to generate autocompleted code using machine learning through Code Assist.
Ctrl/ + /Toggle CommentToggle commenting on the selected line(s).
Ctrl/ + KClear Output WindowClear the Output window.
Alt/ + Move Lines DownMove the selected line(s) downwards.
Alt/ + Move Lines UpMove the selected line(s) upwards.
Ctrl/ + EnterInsert Newline BelowInsert a newline below the current line.
Shift + Ctrl/ + EnterInsert Newline AboveInsert a newline above the current line.
Ctrl/ + BackspaceDelete to Start of LineDelete to the start of the current or selected line(s).
Shift + Ctrl/ + KDelete LinesDelete the selected line(s).
Alt/ + Shift + FFormat SelectionFormat the currently selected portion of the script with proper layout and indentation.
Ctrl/ + =Zoom Script InZoom the script view in.
Ctrl/ + -Zoom Script OutZoom the script view out.
Ctrl/ + 0Reset Script ZoomReset the script zoom.
Alt/ + Ctrl/ + [Fold Code BlockFold a block of code in the script.
Alt/ + Ctrl/ + ]Unfold Code BlockUnfold a block of code in the script.
Ctrl/ + EExpand All FoldsExpand all collapsed folds in the script being viewed.
Shift + Ctrl/ + ECollapse All FoldsCollapse all foldable sections of the script being viewed.
Ctrl/ + RReload ScriptApply any changes that have been made to a script to the active playtest. The changes are not saved to the script outside of the playtest unless your Studio settings are set to auto-save runtime script changes or you confirm to save the changes upon stopping the playtest. This action is only available while playtesting.
Shift + Ctrl/ + =FwdNavigate to the next open script.
Shift + Ctrl/ + -BackNavigate to the previous open script.
F10Step OverMove the debugger to the next line of code, not moving into functions.
F11Step IntoMove the debugger into the function on the current line. If there is no function on the current line, the debugger moves to the next line.
Shift + F11Step OutMove the debugger out of the current function and to the next line of code after the function was initially called. If the current line is not inside a function, the debugger moves to the next line.