The Output window, accessible from the View tab, displays errors captured from running scripts, messages from Roblox Engine, messages from calls to print(), and errors from calls to warn().

Roblox Premium Payouts

You can customize the output through the following elements:

Roblox Premium Payouts
  • A. Filters output by type, such as Error or Warning.
  • B. Filters output by context, such as Client, Server, or User Plugin.
  • C. Filters output by the text entered into the field, such as an object name.
  • D. Clears all output messages from the window. This action has a shortcut of Ctrl/Cmd+K.
  • E. Controls the level of detail displayed for each output message.
    • Show Timestamp – Shows a detailed timestamp in HH:MM:SS.SSS format.
    • Show Context – Shows the message context, such as Client or Server.
    • Show Source – If applicable, shows the associated script name and line number.
    • Show Tables Expanded by Default – For outputted tables, contents are expanded by default.
    • Show Memory Address for Tables – For tables, shows the internal memory address, such as 0xb4f0417581144ec5.
    • Log Mode – Simplifies output by removing options, such as expandable trees.