Test Tab

The Test tab contains tools for testing an experience, simulating multiple clients, and emulating different devices or users with regional content policies.

Playtest Options

There are three common options for playtesting an experience. Clicking the small arrow below the main button lets you choose from each option, and sets that option as the default.

Action Shortcut Description
Play F5 Starts simulating the experience, inserting your avatar at either a SpawnLocation or coordinates of around (0, 100, 0).
Play HereStarts simulating the experience, inserting your avatar in front of the camera's current position.
Run F8 Starts simulating the experience but does not insert your avatar. The simulation begins at the current camera position and you can navigate around using the Studio camera controls.

Once a playtest is running, the following options become available:

Action Shortcut Description
Client / ServerDuring playtesting in a "play solo" mode (Play or Play Here), toggles between Client mode and Server mode. See here for details.
Pause / Resume F5 Pauses or resumes the playtest.
Stop Shift+F5 Stops simulation of the experience and resets all objects and instances to how they were before Play, Play Here, or Run was clicked.

Clients and Servers

Using the Clients and Servers options, you can launch multiple sessions of Studio, one acting as the server and each other acting as a client. See Multi-Client Simulation for details.

Device Emulation

The Device emulator lets you emulate various devices directly in Studio, providing insight on how controls operate on a mobile device or how on-screen UI displays on different screens and aspect ratios.

In emulation mode, you can select devices from the dropdown menu above the 3D view. You can also adjust the view size and change the device orientation between landscape and portrait modes.

Player Emulator

The Player Emulator lets you test various localization and content policies. See Player Emulation for details.

Audio Mute

The Mute button allows you to mute in-experience sounds and music.