Welcome to Roblox Studio!

Build anything you can imagine with the all-in-one IDE for Roblox.

Roblox Studio is an all-in-one IDE that lets you create experiences that run on the Roblox Engine. It’s free to use and lets you reach millions of users using the Roblox app on console, desktop, and mobile devices.

Easy-to-use 3D Building Tools

Create almost anything you can imagine by combining parts like blocks, spheres, cylinders, and wedges into models with built-in materials or your own textures and decals.

studio workspace

Overlay or integrate user interface components like text labels and buttons, billboards, and inventory screens to provide more ways for your users to input and interact with your experiences.

ui overlays

Build or generate large scale terrains and environments consisting of water, desert, mountains, and more to give your creations an intimate or large scale feeling.

terrain editor

Take your experiences to the next level by applying lighting, environment, and special effects to give your experiences that extra polish.

lighting effects

Powerful Scripting, Debugging, and Testing

Roblox comes with a host of built-in features like matchmaking and physics, but scripting specific features is essential to making your experiences unique. Roblox Studio provides full access to the Roblox Engine APIs through a fully-featured script editor with modern conveniences like autocompletion, code highlighting, and docs built-in.


Debuggers and profilers let you catch errors and tune performance, so your experiences can run at their best on all devices. Finally, you can test directly in Studio with the built-in emulator.


Fast Publishing and Updating

Roblox not only provides the engine and tooling, but gives you access to a large social network of users on a broad array of devices. Just click to publish and your experiences are automatically available to this network with built-in discovery and monetization opportunities. Want to iterate on your game? Make the changes and update them immediately for all your users in an instant.


Collaborative and Extensible

Roblox Studio has built-in collaboration tools, called Team Create, so you and your co-creators can build on your own time or together in real-time. Drag and drop parts to a shared workspace where changes appear to everyone at the same time, chat with your team in real-time, and have all your changes saved and managed in the Cloud.

Highlighted green parts show a team member's current selection

Extend the feature set of Studio with custom plugins that you can build to increase your productivity and share them with the rest of the Roblox community in the Creator Marketplace.