Roblox allows you to publish your experiences to the platform free of charge. When you publicly publish your experience, any user on the Roblox platform can find it and play it. You can also publish assets to the Creator Marketplace for other creators to use within their experiences.

Publishing Experiences and Places

Experiences on Roblox are made up of individual places. Each place contains all components for that portion of the experience, including its specific environment, parts, meshes, scripts, and user interface.

By default, publishing a new place creates a new experience, within which you can create additional places to compartmentalize more complex creations. New experiences begin as private and are only accessible to you and members of your group with the correct permissions.

Publishing Assets

Publishing assets to the Creator Marketplace is the only way to make your assets publicly available to all users to use within their own experiences in Studio. You can publish any mesh, image, or audio file that you have imported through the Asset Manager, or any model or plugin that you have uploaded to your inventory.


A badge is a special award you can gift users when they meet a goal within your experience. For example, you may award a player when they:

  • Reach a collectible goal such as 100 coins, 150 stars, etc.
  • Finish a difficult objective, such as jumping across a series of challenging platforms.
  • Play your experience for a certain amount of time or consecutive number of days.

As soon as a user receives a badge, it displays within the Badges category of their inventory.