Monetization is a part of Roblox's overall structure to provide value to creators. There are several different approaches to monetize your content, including charging a fee to access your experience, providing items or abilities that users can purchase more than once, and offering private servers for users to play just with friends.

Paid Access allows you to charge a one-time Robux fee in order for users to access an experience. This feature limits the number of users that access your experience, as some users don't want to pay the fee. Many developers temporarily use Paid Access to create a closed beta where their most engaged users can have early access to an experience and help with testing and feedback.

Game Passes

A Game Pass allows you to charge a one-time Robux fee in order for users to access special privileges within an experience, such as entry to a restricted area, an in-experience avatar item, or a permanent power-up.

Developer Products

A Developer Product is an item or ability that a user can purchase more than once, such as in-experience currency, ammo, or potions. You can prompt purchases, record them, and get information you need on any Developer Product through scripting.

Private Servers

A private server is a subscription-based feature that allows a user to decide who can play an experience with them. While private servers can be free, you can also use private servers as a method of monetization by charging users who want to access private servers a monthly Robux fee. Private servers are often purchased for:

  • Playing experiences just with friends.

  • Holding gatherings such as classes, meetings, or parties.

  • Recording and/or streaming without other users.

  • Gathering in-experience resources.

Catalog Fees and Commissions

You can create and sell accessories and clothes on the Avatar Catalog. After you pay the upload fee and submit a new asset for approval, the moderation team reviews your asset and, if approved, adds your asset to the catalog.

You'll receive a commission every time users purchase your catalog item. If users purchase your catalog item within an experience using the Avatar Inspect Menu or the Avatar Editor Service, the experience owner also receives a commission.

Premium Payouts

A Premium Payout allows you to earn Robux based on the share of time that Premium subscribers engage in your experiences. You will earn the same amount of Robux for each unit of Premium time spent in your experience, regardless of the experience's size. Premium Payouts happen automatically, and are in addition to earnings from other monetization methods.


A Plugin is an extension that adds additional features or functionality to Studio. You can sell plugins to other creators on the Creator Marketplace for Robux, or offer them for free. For more information, see Publishing Plugins.