Lighting and Effects

The Lighting and SoundService container services let you control and customize environmental effects, such as ligthing, atmosphere, skies and clouds, and sound.

Global Lighting

The Lighting service contains properties that you can adjust to update the global lighting in an experience, such as the Ambient and Brightness.

Ambient = [0, 0, 0]
Ambient = [25, 0, 125]
Brightness = 0.5
Brightness = 3.75

Atmospheric Effects

Atmospheric effects simulate realistic environments by scattering sunlight in unique ways based on properties that control air particles. Using the Atmosphere object in the Lighting service, you can:

Post-Processing Effects

Post-processing effects are customizable filters that allow you to quickly enrich the visuals of your experience. Using the post-processing effect objects in the Lighting service or Camera, you can:

  • Simulate a camera viewing a bright light and exaggerate its glow (bloom).
  • Apply a Gaussian blur to the entirety of your experience or add a blur to parts of your experience that aren't in focus (depth of field).
  • Enhance an environment's appearance to create a specific mood through hue (color correction).
  • Render a halo of light that moves with the sun (sun rays).

Clouds and Skies

By default, the Sky object includes celestial bodies such as a sun, moon, and stars. You can customize these objects, as well as the skybox images. In addition, you can adjust the cloud cover, density, and color properties of the Clouds object to render realistic, dynamic clouds that drift slowly across the sky.

Wind blowing dynamic clouds across the sky


SoundService lets you manage global sound playback and effects in your experience. See the Sound documentation for more information.