Once you have created your experience, you may want to find an audience for it and keep them engaged over time. You need to consider:

  • Publishing to make it public for everyone to enjoy.

  • Promotion to bring in new users.

  • Monetization strategies for selling any products within it.

  • Localization to help users around the world understand it.

  • Analytics to monitor how it's performing.

  • Game Design to create and maintain an engaging player experience.


When an experience is ready to play, you can publish your experience on any devices you choose. An experience can be published privately (default) in order to test and save to the cloud, or publicly so that it can be discovered and played by other users.


Users can spend Robux in experiences for items such as new vehicles or power-ups, and creators can also earn Robux from engagement-based payouts, private servers and paid access. There are two main methods of monetizing within an experience:

  • Developer Products - users can purchase multiple times. Great for in-experience currency purchases.

  • Passes - users can only purchase once. Great for VIP passes or permanent power-ups.

Both are sold for Robux at a price you choose. You can then trade Robux for real world currency using the Developer Exchange.


Roblox players come from around the world and speak a variety of languages. It's important to localize the experience so everyone can understand and enjoy it.

Roblox automatically captures text from an experience and stores it in a table for translation in the experience's Localization page, where all localization settings can be configured.


There are two common ways to promote a Roblox experience within the Roblox ecosystem.

  • The Advertising System lets you spend Robux to create different types of adverts which will be displayed on the Roblox website for players to click on.

  • The Ads Manager displays your experience on the Roblox experience page in dedicated sponsor slots alongside some of the most popular experiences on the platform. The more Robux spent on adverts and sponsors, the more impressions and clicks they will receive.


Roblox offers a variety of analytics features to help you chart your experience's growth, track user behavior and retention, and find opportunities for optimization.

Game Design

The Roblox Game Insights team provides game design resources for designers of all levels to expand their knowledge and skills.