Creation Overview

Learn everything you need to know about creating on Roblox.

If you're new to developing Roblox experiences, read these guides for a tour of Roblox creation before diving into the product documentation and tutorials.

The Roblox Platform

Roblox is free-to-use for both users and creators and spans a broad demographic with different user behaviors than other social platforms. Learn what makes Roblox unique and what to think about before creating.


Learn about our unique platform and values.

The Roblox User Base

Learn what characterizes the Roblox audience, and what social and cultural factors you should consider when developing on the platform.

Designing for Roblox

Discover some common practices from successful experiences and find out how to tailor your designs to the unique characteristics of Roblox.


Experiences are the 3D worlds that you create and publish in Roblox. Learn how they technically work, so you understand how to build the best experiences possible for your users.

Roblox Projects

Understand how to build projects in Roblox Studio and publish them as experiences on Roblox.

Working with Assets

Understand how to upload assets to the Roblox cloud and how to use them in your projects.

The Data Model

Understand the data model, the underlying definition of how places in your 3D experiences look and function.

Client-Server Runtime

Understand how your experiences run in the Roblox Cloud.

3D Workspace

The 3D Workspace is where you define all objects that are rendered by Roblox.


Learn how to script logic for your Roblox experiences.


Understand how character models work for NPCs and Players in Roblox.

Custom Models and Meshes

Understand how to use Blender and other tools to create custom 3D objects.

Roblox Studio

Studio is an all-in-one IDE that lets you create on Roblox. You build projects that you can later publish as experiences to Roblox and also use Studio to create characters and accessories.

Studio Overview

Learn about Studio, the all-in-one IDE for Roblox.

UI Overview

Learn about the Studio UI and all the features and tools that are available.

Discovery and Monetization

With tens of millions daily active users, there's many ways to monetize and grow your creations.

Promoting on Roblox

Discover how experiences are commonly promoted on Roblox and how you can spend your budget most appropriately.

Earning on Roblox

Learn about monetization options and strategies on the platform along with associated considerations for developers.


Learn how to build character models and accessories in 3rd party tools like Blender and Maya and sell them on the Marketplace. See Avatars for creation guides, technical specifications, and additional resources.