Roblox offers a variety of analytics features to help you chart your experience's growth, track user behavior and retention, and find opportunities for optimization. Aside from the following native tools and integrations, you can also use HttpService to send events to other third-party analytics services.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard visualizes standard key performance indicators (KPIs) of your experience to help you optimize its full lifecycle, including:

  • Engagement KPIs reflecting invested users in your experience that represent your core user base.
  • Retention KPIs that measure how many users return to your experience again after their first visit.
  • Monetization KPIs that help you understand the business performance of your experience.

Developer Statistics

Developer Statistics charts can help you gain insights from your experience health data and revenue, such as determining the top-earning developer products and most-visited places. You can also export your developer statistics to integrate with other analytics services for custom querying.

Sales Data Analytics

With Sales Data Analytics, you can download and analyze your asset and developer product sales in your desired way.

Third-Party Analytics Services

In addition to Roblox's built-in Analytics Dashboard and developer statistics, you can also monitor analytical data for an experience through third-party analytics services, such as Microsoft Azure Playfab and Google Analytics.