Growing Your Audience

Roblox allows creators to engage with their audience to communicate updates or tease upcoming releases. You can grow your audience on Roblox with the Follow button, or you can direct users to follow you on social media by embedding social media links on your experience's page. You can also attract a fanbase by posting frequent progress updates with interesting details on social media. It is recommended to use the #RobloxDev hashtag to highlight your posts to users actively interested in game development on Roblox.


Users become followers by clicking on the Follow button on your experience's main page to opt-in to receive any updates about your experience, including new content, bug fixes, and major announcements.

When you announce an update, followers receive a notification in their Notifications stream, along with a link to launch the experience directly from the notification. This keeps users actively invested in your experience.

Announcing Updates

Updates have a limit of 60 characters, and you can only announce an update once every three days. When drafting your update, consider the following best practices:

  • Focus on announcing new, exciting, and accessible information, such as new areas, skills, and achievements.
  • Be descriptive in your updates. Updates like "bug fixes" are vague and don't inform the reader of what was actually fixed.
  • Avoid overwhelming users with too many updates in a short time period.

To announce an update:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard.

  2. Click on the experience you want to announce an update for. The experience's Overview page displays.

  3. In the left-hand navigation, select Updates. The Updates page displays.

  4. In the input field, describe what has been updated in your experience, then click the PREVIEW button to see how the update will display for desktop, tablet, and phone users.

  5. When ready, click the SEND button. The update sends to everyone who follows your experience.

After you send an update, it immediately displays on the Updates page with the name of the sender, the message you sent, and statistics related to the update's performance.

ViewsNumber of people who have viewed the update.
Visit RatePercentage of people who have visited the experience from the notification.
Unfollow RatePercentage of people who have unfollowed the experience from the notification.

Linking to Social Media

Social media links connect your audience to your social media, which you can use to market updates, monitor community feedback, and promote your experiences. You can add up to 3 social media links. For compliance reasons, social links are only visible to 13+ users.

To link to social media:

  1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard.

  2. Click on the experience you want to link your social media to. The experience's Overview page displays.

  3. In the left-hand navigation, select Social Links. The Social Links page displays.

  4. Click on the dropdown menu and select the social media type you want to link to.

  5. In the URL and Title fields, enter the URL to your social media and the descriptive text you want to display to users to tell them what you want to do.

  6. (Optional) Click the ADD LINK button to add an additional social link.

  7. When ready, click the SAVE button.

The social media links immediately display on your experience's main page.