Advertising on Roblox

Advertising on Roblox is an opportunity to engage a global audience and drive traffic to your content. Roblox offers several different types of official advertising products you can use, and you can also independently advertise in your experiences.

In either case, all advertisements on the platform must adhere to Roblox's Advertising Standards, Community Standards, and Terms of Use.

Roblox-Served Ads

Roblox-served ads are advertisements you can purchase and serve through Roblox's official advertising products. Almost every Roblox advertising product allows you to choose your audience, schedule the duration of your ad, and specify your budget per day.

Which advertising product is right for your content depends on the type of content you're advertising and where you want to reach your audience. The following table details what type(s) of content you can advertise through each advertising product, and where the ad displays on Roblox:

Advertising ProductWhat You're AdvertisingAd Location
Immersive AdsExperiences, Videos, Images Within the Immersive Ad Units publisher place within their experiences.
Sponsored ExperiencesAll Ages, 9+, 13+ ExperiencesWithin the Sponsored category on the Home and Discover pages, and as Sponsored tiles in search results
Sponsored Items3D user-generated contentWithin the Sponsored category on any item's main details page on the Roblox website, and the Recommended Items for You page of the Marketplace on the Roblox app
User AdvertisementsExperiences, 3D user-generated content for avatars, and groupsThe top, bottom, left, or right side of the Roblox website

Independent Advertising

In general, independent advertisements are advertisements that fall outside of Roblox's advertising products that promote the sale of a product or service that's either out-of-experience or off-Roblox. This type of advertisement can take many forms. If you're a brand or a developer working with outside advertisers and are unsure if your content is advertising, it's best to consult applicable regulatory guidance and seek legal counsel as appropriate. While not prescriptive, you may want to ask yourself the following questions as a starting point when determining if your content is advertising:

  • Do you consider or intend for the content to be advertising?
  • Were you paid to publish the content in order to promote a third-party's product or service?
  • Does the content promote demand for a product or service available outside the experience where the content is placed?
  • Does the content promote attributes of a product or service, either expressly or implicitly, such as quality, price, features, performance, attributes, or benefits?
  • Does the content promote where or how to purchase something available outside the experience?
  • Does the content contain a call to action encouraging the purchase of something available outside the experience?

If your content is advertising, you are fully responsible for ensuring this content complies with all Roblox policies and any applicable local laws or regulations. For example, independent advertisements must adhere to Roblox's Independent Advertising Policy, Community Standards, and Terms of Use, which require that you hide advertisements from users who are ineligible to receive ads and disclose that content is advertising in a way that Roblox users who encounter it will understand. For more information, see Complying with Advertising Standards.