Getting Featured on Roblox‑Owned Channels

Roblox is reimagining the way people come together through deeper forms of expression, culture, communication, and immersion. We highlight creators, developers, and brands that are innovating to bring the most high-fidelity content to life with Roblox. If your work is selected to be showcased, you may be featured on our social media channels, by a Roblox influencer, and more. We also highlight unique developer, creator, and brand stories such as A Roblox Story and the social series profiling our communities.

We want to see what you build from your imagination, showcasing the breadth of what's possible on Roblox through the eyes of our community.

What We're Looking For

Roblox is home to great experiences, user-crafted content, and creations that allow our passionate, global community to express themselves, discover new things, and connect with friends. Our featured content focuses on creations that reimagine the way people come together through deeper forms of expression, communication, and immersion.

We want to see great examples of how Roblox empowers you and your fandom to express yourself. We want to see immersive experiences that are relevant in culture and innovative in design. We're looking for examples that highlight the breadth of connection and communication happening on Roblox, and invite you to share unique stories of how Roblox positively impacts your life.

These include:

  • Innovative avatar marketplace items
  • New and engaging experiences
  • Experiences with substantial updates
  • New and exciting trends
  • Stories of creation and innovation

Submission Criteria

In order to submit your application, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Follow Roblox Terms of Service
  • Follow Roblox Community Guidelines
  • Represent the Experience Guideline rating
  • Be over the age of 13
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should your submission be accepted you will receive an email confirmation for next steps. If you are not chosen, you will be notified via email within two weeks of submission.

In line with Roblox's core value of respecting the community, we will always give you credit for your innovative work by your choice of:

  • Tagging your name
  • Tagging your username
  • Tagging or mentioning your experience

We will reach out to discuss the content that is needed. The requirements will be listed in the request email under "You've been selected for featuring."

Our marketing plans fluctuate and take many factors into account, including cultural moments, events, and customer trends. Because of this, we can't guarantee featuring or specific dates. However, we can provide estimates of when your content may be featured after artwork approval, if selected.

We are always looking for new content. There are no restrictions on how many entries you are able to submit. Check back to the Developer Forum post for calls to action on specific themes we might be looking for.

If selected, you will be notified by the Roblox team via email. The email will include next steps to obtain your content, timeline for delivery, and run time of the campaign you will be featured in.

In line with Roblox's core value of respecting the community, we will always give you credit for your innovative work by tagging you, mentioning your experience or username (what you are comfortable with). We will confirm the contents of your submission, ask for additional assets, and any social handles or experience titles you wish to have tagged.

Various image and video file types will be accepted. If selected, we will follow up via email with all specs needed as different content will require different types of assets.

Examples of types of assets we'd collect from you:

  • Images of layered clothing files exported from source application (Maya, Cinema4D, Blender, etc.)

    • Acceptable formats: .png, .jpg, .tif
  • Logos and branding

    • Acceptable formats: .png, .jpg, .tif
  • Gameplay footage

    • Acceptable formats: .mp4

Your promotional artwork will be used in compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Roblox Community Guidelines. If additional licensing clearances are required, you will be contacted.

You agree that any assets you submit are properly permissioned and cleared for Roblox Marketing use (including but not limited to any third-party intellectual property rights or likeness rights embodied in your assets), and that Roblox may modify these assets for any purpose, combine it with or place it near other assets, and use the assets for promotion on Roblox‑owned channels, as well as in Roblox's marketing materials distributed digitally, and on social media channels, for Roblox events, for public relations, and for archival purposes. You also confirm that the submission of your artwork includes any additional permissions that may be required. Licensor represents and warrants that A) it owns or controls the rights and/or permissions necessary to make the grant of privilege and license herein, and B) the rights granted herein, and the use thereof by Roblox do not violate the rights of any third party. Licensor agrees that it shall indemnify Roblox and be responsible for any loss or liability incurred by Roblox arising out of a breach by Licensor of the foregoing warranties.