Using Studio's 3D Importer

Studio's 3D Importer provides a quick and easy way to import third-party 3D assets into your projects. The importer provides object previews and error-checking to ensure that your asset meets Studio's general 3D requirements.

To import your asset:

  1. In Studio, navigate to the Avatar tab and select the 3D Importer.

  2. In the file browser, select the .fbx file saved locally. The 3D Importer loads a preview of the object.

    1. If textures don't load for your asset, you can manually import your textures in Step 4.
  3. Select Import. The asset populates in your workspace as a Model with the appropriate textures applied as a SurfaceAppearance.

    1. If textures didn't load correctly, add them manually. You may need to save and publish your experience in order to access the Asset Manager.

      1. Open the Asset Manager. You may need to save and publish your experience before accessing your assets.

      2. In the Asset Manager, and select the Bulk Import button.

      3. Upload your image files.

      4. After moderation clears for your image, select the MeshPart parented within your imported Model.

      5. Add a SurfaceAppearance child to your MeshPart.

      6. In the SurfaceAppearance properties, click each property value and assign the appropriate texture image from the asset dropdown:

        1. Set the ColorMap to the _ALB texture image.

        2. Set the MetalnessMap to the _MTL texture image.

        3. Set the NormalMap to the _NOR texture image.

        4. Set the RoughnessMap to the _RGH texture image.