Adding Wings

To work correctly in a race, the driftspeeder can only have one body. But, it can have as many wings and other parts as you'd like.

Change Snapping

Before adding wings, set rotate snapping to make it easier to position your wings. Snapping rotates parts a set amount a time.

  1. In the Model tab, find the Snap to Grid section.
  2. Make sure Rotate is checked.
  3. Next to Rotate, type in 45. If it's already 45, go to the next step.

Place the First Wing

  1. Click a wing from the second section of the scrapyard. Then, use the Move tool to drag it into the work area.

  2. To rotate the wing, select the Rotate tool and drag the handles. Each handle rotates in a different direction.

  3. To resize the wing, select the Scale tool and drag the handles to a desired size.

  4. If you want, use the matching wing in the scrapyard for the other side of the driftspeeder.