Education Content

Our lessons are designed for educational programs of varying lengths and skill levels. Find everything from two hour workshops to semester long programs.

Each lesson plan includes a set of tutorials complete with teaching notes and supplemental material.


Code and Design

Have students create their first experience. Great for beginners.


Animate in Roblox

A one hour workshop for beginners focused on animation.


Design a Ship

Students build and race a spaceship while learning 3D modeling.

Each tutorial series includes a set of lessons covering specific topics in Roblox Studio or computer science. Educators can present a tutorial to students, or individuals can learn self-directed.


Coding Fundamentals

A comprehensive course covering a variety of topics in Roblox Lua.


Introduction to Studio

Students learn the basics while designing an obstacle course.


Design An Adventure Game

From start to finish, students plan, design, and code a complete experience.