Go Beyond the Challenge

There are still more rewards to earn and more ways to personalize your driftspeeder! So far, you've learned how to build a custom 3D model and modify its engine speed with code.

Use your new skills to build levels, decorative props, or even your own alien landscape. Below are a few ways to continue customizing your game and earn more virtual prizes.

Other Cool Tricks

Share Driftspeeders

Send your speeder to friends or use their own.

Add Particles

Have thrusters shoot fire, make your ship emit sparks, and more.

Unlock More Virtual Prizes

Add a little extra style to your driftspeeder and earn more rewards on Roblox.

Add New Models

Import new models to add variety to your speeders.

Colors and Textures

Give your driftspeeder a new style by customizing its colors.

Design the World

Customize the environment by painting snow or water.