Colors and Textures

Give your driftspeeders a new paint job with updated texture files. Your speeders can now be stylishly jade, rusty orange, or even a classic blue.

Download a Texture

To change the texture of your driftspeeder, start by downloading one or more of the textures below.

Import a Texture

To use textures, they must be imported into your game. Make sure your game has been published before moving on.

  1. To find the texture import option, select a part in your driftspeeder model. Do this by selecting the speeder and expanding it in the Explorer.

  2. In the Properties, click the box next to TextureID.

  3. To upload a new texture, click Add Image.

  4. Click Choose File and pick a downloaded texture.

  5. Finish by clicking Create.

    You should see the updated texture on the ship. Continue to customize your speeder by adding more textures.

Original Texture
With New Texture

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