Creating an Adventure Game

Series Description

Create an adventure game where players explore a world to find items to harvest and sell. Perfect for those who have already have some familiarity with Roblox Studio and basic coding concepts up to if/then statements.

Objectives and Prerequisites

Learning Objectives

Apply knowledge of common coding concepts, such as variables, if statements, and functions to create scripts.

Practice the design process by pre-planning, designing, and then testing to iterate and improve an experience.


Have an understanding of the following Lua concepts: variables, conditional (if/else) statements, and typing functions.

Feel comfortable working with the world creation tools in Roblox, such as making parts or creating terrain.

Series Contents

Article Description
Create the Map Go into pre-planning by creating a game design document, then using it to design a map with Roblox terrain tools.
Code the Leaderboard Create a script that manages items players collect in the experience.
Making Collecting Items Design an item for players to gather, then create and code a tool so they can harvest it
Selling Items Use Touch events in scripts to create a part that allows players to seel their items for currency.
Buying Upgrades Learn how to use click detectors to create a button where players can buy upgrades to give them more space for items.
Finishing the Project Some final steps to wrap up the project, as well as tips on how to expand and improve.

Example Project

Adventure Game Example

Play an version of the final project to see what you can develop with this series.