Getting Started for Developers

Roblox is a global platform where millions of people gather together every day to imagine, create, and share experiences with each other in immersive, user-generated, 3D worlds. Roblox's platform and community members offer a compelling, unique destination for engaging students through learning and play.

This article outlines resources catered specifically for developers interested in education. Learn about Roblox as a development platform, find what works, and view resources to jumpstart development.

Education on Roblox

Roblox experiences transport students through space and time into virtual worlds designed for exploration, investigation, and experimentation. Students can witness and dissect scientific phenomena, see what it was like to live in ancient Rome, or even build virtual robots.

Example Experiences

Below are some examples of educational experiences that highlight the wide range of educational content developed on and available on Roblox.


Ocean Conservation

A museum built in Roblox focused on ocean conservation and climate change.


Lua Learning

An interactive experience showing how to code with Lua, the language used in all Roblox projects.


Knossos Palace

A recreation of a historic palace influenced by the Minoans in ancient Greece.

Inspiration for Developers

Wondering what to build on Roblox? Have an idea already, but curious how it'll translate into a Roblox experience? Our inspiration guide covers ideas for educational themes to explore, and includes case studies of successful Roblox experiences.

Developing on Roblox

All Roblox experiences are developed in Roblox Studio, a full development engine, similar to Unity or Unreal. More information, as well as demonstrations of the engine can be found on our Create website.

Designing for Education

For those interested in developing educational experiences on Roblox, we recommend learning more about the process of design for learning. Our guide, Designing Educational Experiences, covers topics such as identifying learning objectives and meeting the needs of educational seetings.

Onboarding Course

For those interested in developing in Roblox Studio, the Roblox Onboarding Course is a step-by-step series designed with developers in mind. This course covers the basics of Roblox Studio and includes topics such as modeling and coding.

Roblox Studio has a variety of free community-developed plugins to help with different development tasks. Developers in the past have recommended these plugins below.

Plugin Uses

Project management tool that allows for Github version control and usage of external code editors, such as Visual Studio. Strongly recommended for any large project.

Developer Modules

A set of modules for different social features, such as photo-booths, friend locators, and more. Each module is customizable and designed to work out of the box.

Learn and Explore Sort

Many Roblox students find new experiences through special sorts, collections of experiences on the Roblox home page. The Learn and Explore sort is a curated set of educational experiences. When we share Roblox Education with educational organizations, we highlight Learn and Explore experiences first.

For anyone developing an educational experience, we recommend applying since it can provide additional traffic. More details, and how to apply can be found on the Special Sorts page.

Additional Resources

Below are different resources compiled by the Roblox Education team to assist developers.

Designing Studio Templates For educators, templates can kickstart a student's project or be used to teach lessons.

Developer Documentation The main source of documentation for Roblox Studio, with tutorials, API documentation, and more.

Developer Forums Ask questions on technical support, find and share creations, and get the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring existing assets into Roblox?

Roblox Studio accepts most common assets in 3D game development. For a list, see the Game Assets documentation.

Additionally, it is possible to transfer assets from another engine (Unity, Unreal, etc) to Roblox Studio. Keep in mind, this process may have varying results. For instance, 3D objects are easily exported in Unity and imported into Roblox. Because Roblox scripts are written in Lua, they'll have to be redone.

What are development costs?

The value here can vary depending on the scale of the project. We recommend contacting our team to discuss the scale of your vision.

Can I contract Roblox to develop a project?

Roblox doesn't actually develop experiences. We're a platform where our users are the developers. We do provide resources to help individuals and studios realize their visions though. Individuals can recruit and post jobs on the Talent Hub, a marketplace for developers.

Additionally, the Roblox Education team is glad to offer advice and guidance on a case-by-case basis. This may include questions such as how best to implement an idea on Roblox. We recommend contacting our team with questions related to development, or finding talent.

How do developers monetize on Roblox?

Roblox pays developers using Robux earned through experiences. This includes a variety of monetization options, such as selling in-game items or even payment for user engagement. Pay-outs are provided using the Developer Exchange program.

What are fees for Roblox Studio?

Roblox Studio is free to develop and publish. There are a few features that do require payment in Robux (the digital currency on Roblox), such as starting a development group. These micropayments are often small, such as less than $1 USD. If you just want to experiment with Roblox to see if it fits your studio's needs, there are no upfront costs.

Connect with Roblox

If you're a studio or developer interested in developing a quality experience on Roblox, we're here to support you. The Roblox Education team can offer guidance and resources to get your project started.

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