Getting Started for Developers

Roblox is a global platform where millions of people gather together every day to imagine, create, and share experiences with each other in immersive, user-generated, 3D worlds. The Roblox platform and its community offer a compelling, unique destination for engaging students through learning and play.

This article outlines resources catered specifically for developers interested in education. Learn about Roblox as a development platform, find what works, and view resources to jumpstart development.

Education on Roblox

Roblox experiences transport students through space and time into virtual worlds designed for exploration, investigation, and experimentation. Students can witness and dissect scientific phenomena, see what it was like to live in ancient Rome, or even build virtual robots.

This section helps developers understand what they can design on Roblox. See the Education Partners page to learn more about leveraging the Roblox platform for educational purposes.

Inspiration for Developers

Designers looking for ideas for educational experience can find a variety of topics and example mechanics in live experiences to explore on Roblox within the Inspiration Guide.

Example Educational Experiences

Below are some examples of educational experiences highlighting the wide range of educational content developed on and available on Roblox.

Person with Mars Rover

Mission: Mars

Engineer a rover to withstand challenges on the harsh martian landscape. Designed by the renowned Boston Museum of Science, this experience fosters STEM and design thinking.

Logo of Lua Learning

Lua Learning

Learn computational thinking, and Lua coding within Roblox. Users can complete interactive courses and even find user-created lessons on advanced technical concepts such as network security.


Untamed Animals

Become a park ranger, or roleplay as an animal as you explore nature and engage in an active ecosystem. This experience has users building empathy for wildlife through gameplay.

Developing on Roblox

All Roblox experiences are developed in Roblox Studio, a professional development engine similar to Unity or Unreal.

Learn About Roblox StudioLearn how Roblox offers an all-in-one tool to develop global, multiplayer experiences for free.
Start Using Roblox StudioBegin with the basics of building a world in Roblox Studio.
Developing on RobloxDiscover more in-depth topics on development, such as best practices for setting up teams,visuals and optimization, and monetization on Roblox.

Designing for Education

To assist developers interested in learning, Roblox provides resources specific to educational game design. These articles cover topics such as integrating gameplay with learning, meeting student user needs, and more.

Designing Educational ExperiencesIntroduces designing for educational games. Focuses on define educational experiences and integrate gameplay with learning.
Planning for Educational SettingsProvides a primer for anyone interested in building an experience to be used in the classroom. This article includes explanations of classroom structures, user needs, and resources for assessing student progress.
Designing Studio TemplatesFor partners interested in teaching Roblox Studio, this article covers how to build custom templates for lessons such as computer science or building.

Resources and Opportunities

In addition to documentation, Roblox Education has different programs that kickstart the development of educational projects.

Roblox Community FundThe fund provides investments, grants, and advances for education partners who develop curriculum and educational experiences that leverage the platform in immersive and compelling ways. For more information, Contact Us.
Education Open Office HoursMeet one-on-one with a member of the Roblox Education team for free assistance on a specific topic. The team can assist with developing an educational idea, assessing educational value, and discuss other issues related to development. Apply to participate.
Learn and Explore SortMany Roblox users interested in education find new experiences in the curated Learn and Explore Sort. Experiences here can expect more significant traffic and visibility. Information about eligibility can be found on the Special Sort page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contract Roblox to develop a project?

Roblox doesn't actually develop experiences. Every experience on the platform is created by the Roblox community. If development assistance is needed, explore the Talent Hub as a means of finding potential developers, coders, and creators.

How do educational experiences monetize?

Developers have a variety of options for monetizing an educational experience. Traditional monetization still applies for developers interested in pursuing informal learning, such as "edutainment" experiences.

For developers interested in creating for schools, note that monetization is prohibited during school hours. Such developers can pursue alternatives to traditional monetization, such as offering teacher training and lesson resources outside of the Roblox platform.