Add New Models

Change your driftspeeder's look or create a new one with this kit of extra parts. Once you finish designing an even better speeder, get a new avatar item by testing your knowledge in a game.

Add To Your Inventory

Get extra parts to work with by importing an asset. Assets are parts of a Roblox game, like a 3D model or sound, that are stored online.

  1. Open the link to the kit below in your web browser.

  2. On the page for the asset, click the Get button to add it into your inventory.

Import into the Game

All assets can be found in your Inventory. This stores any models you've added and lets you add them into a game.

  1. In Roblox Studio, find the Toolbox. If it's not open, go to the View tab and click the Toolbox button.

  2. In the Toolbox window, click the icon for Inventory.

  3. Make sure the left dropdown is to My Models. Then, find and click on Driftspeeder Parts.

  4. To make it easy to work, move the kit somewhere near your work area.

  5. Duplicate (Ctrl + D or + D) parts to improve your flyer or create a new one.

    Below are some example designs.

Take the Challenge

Test your knowledge and earn the Saturn Ring Hat avatar item and Junkyard Master Badge by clicking the button below to open a Roblox game.

Once you're done, be sure to follow the game to get updates on when new prizes and lessons come out!